Monday, May 13, 2013

Winter Knits....

color affection
I'm totally loving that the temps are slowly starting to drop, means that I can finally start to wear the knits I've been working on over the warmer months.
 Back in November of last year I had the pleasure of knitting a design by the very talented Veera Valamaki - Color Affection. I simply love this pattern and during the final days of my pregnancy with Tobie it made for the perfect knitting project - simple,m but not too much so that I got board.... It had just the right amount interesting techniques to keep me knitting happily all the way to the end..... I'm now itching to make a Color Affection in some Autumn shades..... What do you think?? 20130510_144231 (pop on over to my Facebook page to grab this yarn at a special price.......)
This was my first attempt at composing a blogpost using a Samsung Tablet... So much trickery than I thought it would be... :( Would love to hear if you blog from a Tablet and how you do it...

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Just added some new hats to my Facebook page - be sure to pop on over and check them out... ;)
hat 4